Welcome to LKD!

This site is here for those who want a traditional experience of engaging on a website as opposed to youtube. If you like the content please like and subscribe! Thanks 🙂

Who am i?

My name is Joe Robens and I am just a guy who is using cycling to get fit, lose weight and stay healthy. I am self taught and use the tools at my hands to feed the mind. I live in Sydney Australia and ride around the northern beaches. I am also a tech guy who has a full time job bringing new products to life. 

What do I want?

I want you to engage in my content, have a laugh and generally provide me some feedback so I can keep moving on this stuff. I enjoy making the videos and am keen to collaborate to make even more content for you to enjoy. For now it's cycling related but I can see quite a number of other opportunities arise as a result of vlogging in general. 

The Gear

  • Cameras: Canon 600D, GoPro Hero 3 silver, iPhone 7 Plus
  • Edited done in (was iMovie) Final Cut Pro X, Virb studio (for ride data)